Reviewer for Int’l Journals, Magazines and Transactions

IEEE Access (2017)

IET Network (2017)

Entropy, MDPI (2017)

Recent Patents on Engineering, Bentham Science (2017)

IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics (2016)

Symmetry, MDPI (2016)

Annals of Telecommunications, Springer (2015)

IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems (2015)

Recent Patents on Nanotechnology, Bentham Science (2014)

Journal of Intelligent Transportation and Urban Planning, Bowen Publishing (2013)

International Journal of Computing and Digital Systems (IJCDS), University of Bahrain (2013)

Transactions on Emerging Telecommunications Technologies (ETT), Wiley (2013)

Reviewer for Int’l Conferences

Technical Program Committee (TPC) Member

2017 Malaysian Technical Universities Conference on Engineering and Technology (MUCET ’17)
2017 IEEE Region 10 Symposium – “Technologies for Smart Cities” (TENSYMP ’17)
2017 3rd Int’l Symp. on Signal Processing and Intelligent Recognition Systems (SIRS ’17)
2017 3rd Int’l Conf. on Control, Electronics, Renewable Energy, and Communications (ICCEREC ’17)
2017 Int’l Conf. on Advances in Computing, Communications and Informatics (ICACCI ’17)
2017 Int’l Symp. on Cloud Computing and Cyber-Security (SCCS ’17)

2017 Int’l Wksp on Cyber-Security in IoT-based Healthcare Systems & Cloud Computing (CS-HSC ’17)
2017 Asia Simulation Conf. (AsiaSim ’17)
2017 Int’l Conf. on Emerging Electronic Solutions for IoT (ICEESI ’17)
2017 9th IEEE-GCC Conf. and Exhibition (GCCCE ’17)
2016 Int’l Conf. on Electrical, Electronic, Comm. and Control Engineering (ICEECC’16)
2016 Int’l Conference on Big Data and Advanced Wireless Technologies (BDAW ’16)
2016 IEEE Student Conference on Research and Development (SCoReD ’16)
2016 Global Summit on Computer & Information Technology (GSCIT ’16)
2016 1st Int’l Conf on Inf’n Tech, Inf. Systems and Electrical Engineering (ICITISEE ’16)
2016 IEEE 42nd Annual Conf. on Industrial Electronics (IECON 2016)
2016 IEEE 5th Int’l Conf. on Advances in Computing, Communications and Informatics (ICACCI’16)
2016 IEEE 6th Int’l Conf. on Power and Energy (PECON 2016)
2015 Doctoral Consortium at 4th Int’l Conf. on Advances in Computing, Communications and Informatics ICACCI ’15
2015 IEEE Global Summit on Computer and Information Technology
- Int’l Conf. on Education & eLearning Innovations ICEELI ’15
- Int’l Conf. on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition ICCVPR ’15
- Int’l Conf. on Cloud Computing & Cryptography ICCCC ’15
Int’l Conf. on Computer Technologies Innovations and Applications ICCTIA’ 2015
2015 IEEE Conf. on Energy Conversion (CENCO ’15)
2014 IEEE Conf. on Energy Conversion (CENCO ’14)
2014 IEEE Symp. on Industrial Electronics and Applications (ISIEA ’14)
2014 IEEE Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Conf. – Asia (ISGT ASIA)
2014 IEEE Symp. on Computer Applications & Industrial Electronics (ISCAIE 2014)
2014 Int’l Wksp on Mobile Applications (MobiApps 2014)
2014 Int’l Conf. on Electronic Publishing and Information Technology (ICEPIT 2014)
2014 Workshop on the Design and Performance of Networks on Chip (DPNoC’2014)